Monday, January 11, 2010

Paris hilton in bed. Bombastic.

Paris hilton in bed. Cool pics:

paris hilton in bedparis hilton in bedparis hilton in bed
How can I get Paris Hilton out of my head? I think shes so incredibly hot, elegant, rich and sexy!? Paris Hilton is the girl who wants to marry. She's tall, hot, blonde, big tits, tight ***, pretty face. She is good in bed and adventure. She is confident in itself and shows how to manage their prison experience. She has a sense of humor to make sure his jab in the last McCain for his ad. She is so hot, and rich and famous and intelligent, I think she is the hottest woman on earth, guys who say otherwise would be fake if she even gave a look down the street to admit it, and any girl here jealous sneer is not only smarter than you, but also better player, is famous and has money. Other kids agree?
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